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The community has many friends and connections, and we are glad to give links to some of them here:

Companions of the Resurrection

College of the Resurrection

Yorkshire Ministry Course

Diocesan School of Ministry

Church of England

Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales

West Yorkshire and the Dales Diocesan Resource Centre

Anglican Religious Communities

Abbey of St Matthias, Trier and Huysburg

Retreats Association


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On Friday 4th June 2015, members of the new Society of the Resurrection were installed during the Solemn Eucharist at Midday in the church. Each received a blessing as the Society entered a two-year probationary period, after which it will be reviewed and hopefully members will make their promises. The group includes men and women, married and single, perhaps with different levels of commitment, but sharing a Rule that makes a series of specific demands, including various ways in which they can stay in touch with one another.

Society of the Resurrection brethren in church Church font

The new front of the altar in the Resurrection Chapel

Recurrection frotn Resurrection Front2