Discerning the will of Christ

Many are interested in the mechanics of how you enter a religious community, but the standard on which this works is a living one: the quest by all involved to discern the will of Christ as embodied in the monastic tradition and the particular traditions and people that make up this or any community. If you are interested in exploring a vocation, contact Father George;gguiver@mirfield.org.uk

Membership of the community

If you want to explore the possibility of permanent commitment in the Community, that could start with an informal visit. There is no rigid pattern for the next stage of the process of descernment, but there would usually be several further visits in which you would learn something about our life and take part in a way that helps you gain a feel for it.

In due course, if we thought it right for you to test your vocation, you would come into residence as a Postulant. The postulancy normally lasts 4 months. The next stage, if it seems right to continue, would be to become a Novice. Novices receive a thorough induction into the life, with other training appropriate to their gifts and previous experience. In the old days they were expected to be seen and not heard: times have changed, and we expect a novice to take a mature part in most levels of the Community life. While the novitiate is an apprenticeship with much to learn and un-learn, novices need to be able to relate to others in the Community as an equal.

The Novitiate normally lasts about two and a half years. At the end of that the novice either goes forward to make Simple Vows or he leaves. The period in Simple Vows is normally three years, at the end of which come the Solemn Vows, when the brother promises to live in the Community for life. If the brother does not wish to go forward to Solemn Vows, or if the Community's Chapter is not of that view an extension for a specific period may be possible, but otherwise he will leave. Click here to learn more about The Vows.


Oblates are lay people or priests who make vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience, renewed every three years. They have a close association with the Community, while living out their vows in the normal circumstances of wherever they may live.

If you would like to find out more click here, and/or contact the Chaplain of the Oblates, Fr Nicolas CR:nstebbing@mirfield.org.uk

Living alongside

It is possible to live alongside the Community for shorter or longer periods and share a part in its life. This can take a variety of forms.
Click here to read a testimonial from some of those who lived along side the Community.


The Companions of the Community of the Resurrection (CCR) are friends of the Community. They support the work and mission of CR and follow a routine of life of daily prayer and worship. Many who come to know the Community like to share its work and charism in their own lives and locations, and there are local groups of Companions spread out in the UK and overseas.

There is a website especially for Companions, and you are welcome to contact Fr John CR, the chaplain of the Companions for more information: jgribben@mirfield.org.uk.